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My dear (name),


Many of you have asked me for an online course and I am very happy to announce that I am starting a LIVE online course next month!


As an expert in teaching women who are “too nice” how to become kick-ass, I have extracted the most valuable and crucial lessons needed to make this transformation possible!!!


The course is called Creating a New Identity.


Do you want to find out what is the identity that you’re holding on to?

Do you want to create a new identity - powerful, loving and confident - that can take you to where you want to be?


Then join us in this 3-month LIVE, totally interactive course from the comfort of your room where you’ll join a tribe of like-hearted women - all on the same journey to a better life!


These are the topics we will dive into:



1. Are you honest with yourself?

2. Who can you trust?

3. Ending the blame game

4. Owning your power

5. Daring to shine

6. Believing unapologetically in yourself


The dates for the lessons will be:

JUNE 13 & 27

JULY 11 & 25

AUGUST 15 & 29


Each lesson will take place on a Wednesday night at 9pm, once we have finished with our household chores, put the kids to sleep, and can finally have time just for ourselves!


The class is for a small group and we only have 3 spots left! 


If you want to know more, contact me asap by replying to this message.


To a life of freedom, abundance and joy!


Much love to you,


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