Ways to work with me

Zero Regrets!: Living Life Unapologetically (4 modules)
For the woman who wants to stop doubting herself, leave the past behind and move forward with confidence! 
Freedom and Power (6 modules)
For the woman who is ready to connect to her inner power and find the freedom that results in that! 
Worthy Wealthy Woman (6 modules)
For the woman who needs to discover how truly worthy she is... because only when we feel worthy can we manifest all of our desires! 
DIVINE WOMAN -  Facebook Cover.png
The Divine Woman (4 modules)
This is for you if you want to live life as a divine being with an extraordinary power of creation! 
Transformation journey. This is a delicous journey where we will dive deep into your personal beliefs and circumstances and change them around for good! It lasts 6 months and includes 12 sessions 1 on 1 of 1 hour each with whatsapp support all throughout.