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Meet Alina.

Alina is 56 years old. She lives in the US. She is a psychiatrist by training and is married to a kind man.

When I ask her what her most recurring negative thought is, she tells me “Things are not going to turn out well today.”

She says she has this thought practically every single day right after she wakes up, when she’s still in bed. As a result, she feels like turning over...

Stephanie is a truly stunning woman. She is thin, athletic, short dark hair, attractive features. Her smile is wide and genuine and her heart is as big as they come. No wonder she attracts men like bees to honey.

You would think that she is “super lucky” with men, however the exact opposite is true.

When she came to me a few months ago, she was at the end of her rope. She was having a h...

“The idea of being alone terrifies me… makes me feel ashamed. I feel abandoned, like it’s the end of the world. I feel dead... unseen, unheard…. like I don’t exist.”

Why would a 37 year old European woman living in a safe society experience such distressing emotions at the thought of being alone?

Meet my client Emmi (name changed). She has come to me because she has ended her relationsh...

Como mujer, en la mayor parte del mundo, hemos aprendido que debemos comportarnos correctamente en todo tiempo, poner la otra mejilla, callar, sonreír, ser dulces, comprensivas.   

Por supuesto que hay momentos para hacer esto, pero la mujer “niña buena” ¡lo hace demasiado! Lo hace cuando es bueno hacerlo, y lo hace cuando es lo peor que puede hacer.   

El comportarnos de esta...

As women, in most parts of the world, we have learned to "behave properly" under all circumstances, to offer the other cheek, to shut our mouths, to smile, to be sweet, to be understanding.  

Sure, there are times to do this, but women who are “too nice”, do this far too much!

They do this when it’s a good thing to do, and they do this when it’s a terrible thing to do.  

Behaving this wa...

Limiting thoughts are like spiderwebs that block your neurons from communicating in a logical manner.

You could spend your entire life running around in circles in your head. Faced with a challenge, you could rationally think: “You I can. Yes, it’s my thing. That’s what I like. I have what it takes. I’m more than ready.”

But then you crash into the spiderweb and the thoughts change to:...

Los pensamientos limitantes son como telarañas que impiden a tus neuronas poder comunicarse de forma lógica.

Podrías pasarte toda una vida yendo en círculos. Frente a un reto, racionalmente puedes pensar: “lo voy a lograr. Sí, es lo mío. Es lo que me gusta. Tengo todo para lograrlo. Estoy más que lista.”

Pero luego chocas con la telaraña: “No. Me puede ir mal. Podría hacer el ridículo....

Me lo he dicho tantas veces: Bárbara, tienes que escribir. Es importante que compartas lo que has aprendido, lo que vas aprendiendo. Aunque puede ser que no tengas toda la verdad. En realidad… nadie la tiene.

El dar, ya sea dinero, tiempo, sabiduría, amor, talentos…. está diseñado para ser compartido en la medida en que lo recibimos.

Por mucho tiempo pensé que para compartir mi dinero (...

How do you react when you miss your train? Or lose your Ray Bans? Or are facing bankruptcy?

Do you immediately get angry? Like: “Life, can you give me a freaking break?!?!”

Or do you feel sad, like: “What a loser, you can’t even catch the right train!” Or do you have suicidal thoughts?

How easily do you lose your peace and joy? 

That’s the best way to know how emotionally tough you are. O...

As an expert in teaching women who are “too nice” become kick-ass, I’m constantly confronted with all the different ways that women sabotage ourselves from having the intimate relationship we crave so much.

While there are a million different stories because we are all unique, there are however clear patterns that come up over and over again. Here IS the biggest mistake of all:

You don’...

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