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Are you "too nice"...
a people-pleaser perhaps?

Being too nice is a prison...

Being too  nice is a prison...

Being too nice shows that you are DISCONNECTED from your power.

Some of the symptoms of people-pleasing are: 

- people take us for granted

- our partners and children don't respect us

- we create asymmetric, toxic, unhealthy relationships

- we don't know what we want

- we are indecisive

- we always give in to the other person's wishes

- we don't express our wishes, our voice

- we are full of self-doubt

- people take advantage of us

- we betray ourselves in order not to hurt other people

- the more we try to make a relationship work, the worse it goes

- we accept love crumbs

- even if our partner has been hateful, we still beg for his attention

Enough is enough!

It is time to become Emotionally Strong!!

Barbara Roux-Levrat

Discovering your value

will reveal your beauty!

Emotional Strength will allow you to:

> Be free from the opinion of others

> Be strong to defend your opinions and rights

> Have people respect you

> Have a beautiful romantic relationship

> Teach your children to obey you

> Believe unapologetically in yourself

> Have the courage to pursue your dreams

And this is what it looks like!

My name is Barbara and this is my story....

Barbara Roux-Levrat

I too was an emotionally weak person. I lacked self-esteem, would allow disrespect from others and greatly feared disappointing them. I felt totally taken for granted by my husband and had a toxic marriage.

Although I was an acomplished woman, with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from the US and an MBA from the UK, I didn't understand my value as a person, and even less as a woman.

In my relationship, I would beg for love even if my partner had mistreated me and every time we would have a fight, I would feel a panic attack at the thought of our relationship ending. 

Additionally, because I needed to feel my children’s love all the time, I became permissive with them. And even if 100 people would tell me I was doing a good job, it sufficed that one of them would tell me otherwise, for me to feel terrible about myself.

But then I healed my emotional wounds. I uncovered the subconscious beliefs that were dictating my life and had turned me into a people pleaser. Through the help of coaches and mentors, I transformed my mindset and was set free! 

This gave me the courage to leave my toxic relationship behind for good and only a few months later, I manifested a wonderful man, and I finally have the relationship I had ALWAYS dreamt of!

I have helped many women over the past 10 years believe in themselves, manifest the love of their lives, develop healthy and passionate relationships, and completely turn around their lives!

Barbara Roux-Levrat

Healthy LOVE is possible,

but you need to heal your emotional wounds first!

And this is what happened when they became Kick-Ass!!

Nicole Reith - reduced.png

Nicole Reith

Since I have Barbara as my coach, my life has changed 180 degrees!


When I started working with Barbara, my inner and outer lives were in a state of chaos and deep sadness. Barbara put a mirror to my eyes, and through her unending patience and techniques, enabled me to recognize, reflect, and finally terminate my negative patterns and toxic relationships.   


And my new self-love enabled me to receive the love of my life!!!

Amparo Cisneros

Barbara helped me tremendously in difficult moments.


Her advice, support and motivation gave me the strength to escape the prison of a toxic relationship which had no solution, and become free and allow the love of my life to come into my life!!

Barbara is a great professional and a lovely person as well.

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