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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

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WHEN THINGS DON'T GO YOUR WAY... when you feel down... when you are disappointed, what do you usually do? You get mad.... try to find a way to take revenge. Or you get depressed, saying to yourself: “Why did this happen to me? Why do I always ruin everything? Or you worry, asking yourself questions such as: “What does this mean? How will this play out in the future? Did I totally blow it now?” Or you analyze, pondering on such thoughts as: “What happened? How did this come about? Whose fault is it? Could I have done something differently?” Or you fear, dreading such questions as: “What will this entail, where will this lead me? Is this the end of my relationship? Are my children doomed now?” And the more you think about these things, the worse you feel. Even to the point of wanting to end your life in some cases. Do you want to know what the antidote to this is? Do you want to discover what will bring immediate PEACE to you? Peace, instead of worry, anger, sadness, or fear? It is simple. Say: “THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU, LORD. THANK YOU. YOU MUST KNOW WHY THIS IS HAPPENING. I TRUST YOU. THANK YOU. YOUR WILL IS THE BEST FOR ME. THANK YOU. YOU ARE MY LORD. I SURRENDER MYSELF TO YOU.” Saying THANK YOU will give you immediate relief and victory. Because you no longer have to figure out what is happening, or who to blame, or what to do to take revenge, or how to fight back, or ..... THANK YOU means that you surrender it all to God. “God, you are in control. I trust you. Completely, blindly. If you are allowing this, it is certainly for my own good. For ‘to those who love you, all things work for their own good.’ (Romans 8:28) Perhaps you are cleansing me of a bad habit. Perhaps you are teaching me to appreciate someone. Perhaps you are reminding me that I'm human. Perhaps you are disciplining me to straighten my path. Perhaps you are teaching me to be patient. Perhaps this seems terrible, but there's a blessing in disguise... Whatever it is that you're doing, it is FINE with me. Because I TRUST you completely.” Jesus said: 'Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart.' Saying thank you means that we are gentle and humble in heart. Instead of thinking that we know better, or complaining that 'this is not right', we are simply saying 'I ACCEPT THIS.' This is real humility. And do you know what the result of humility is? The result is that which you always wanted: PEACE. The complete verse is: 'Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find REST for your souls.' (Matthew 11:29) Isn't that what we all desire: rest for our souls? Oh, yes, indeed it is. When we have peace, we also have love and joy. Peace is the state of being in complete satisfaction, of sweet joy and tranquil love. It is the absence of fear. It is at your finger tips... or literally, at your tongue's tip. Try it. Next time you are not satisfied with your situation, simply say: “THANK YOU, LORD. THANK YOU, LORD.” It will make you feel noble. It will make you surrender your will to God. It will make you be like Jesus. And it will immediately start to open up doors for you. Yes, for as soon as we surrender our wills to God, He can move freely in our lives. And we know that His will is absolutely the best thing that could ever happen to us. The Bible describes it this way: 'his good, pleasing and perfect will.' Nothing will bless you more; nothing is richer, or more delicious than His will. It is what you have always secretly wished for. It is like Mary who accepted God's will when the angel announced to her that she would be the mother of the Messiah, although she had never been with anyone and her fiancé would think terribly of her. Although she faced the criticism and ridicule of her entire town. Although she could be stoned to death for adultery. And all the more hurtful because she had always been a good and righteous person. However, after her surrender came the reward. And the reward was to become the mother of the Messiah. Praised, adored, and revered by all the generations to come. The most common given name to girls in the world is "Mary." Don't miss out on your reward. Don't fight against God's will for your life. Fighting, arguing, slandering, clashing, confronting, conflicting, ... they all take away our peace. Instead, SAY THANK YOU for whatever it is that you are going through right now. And experience immediate PEACE. 'Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you.' (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

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